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Re: What do want to see from a new series

Starfleet probably censors the sex programs on their holodecks. I'm sure the civilian ones are incredibly raunchy.

But you just need to look at games to see how holodecks/suites would evolve. Sex is not a big theme, but violence sure is. Holodecks would be used for combat simulations, both by Starfleet and civilians.

Casual/social media games are also taking off in a big way. They run the gamut from exploration/adventure to work simulations of restaurants, hotels, farms etc, and some appear to simply be an excuse for socializing with friends, where the gameplay is little more than a joke.

We havent seen holosuites used as communication devices, for people to keep in touch with distant friends. That should be a big use on starships - people dont need to haul their families around on starships, they can just meet them in the holosuite for virtual socializing.

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I mean, why are any of us watching STAR TREK instead of porn /7? Or even going on the internet to debate the future of Trek of all things?
Good point. TrekBBS is a game, and in the future, there will be holo programs for doing what we do here. Except our avaters will be a lot more realistic and complex, and the mods will have to break up fistfights.
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