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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Durka Returns (Farscape) - I liked this episode, although I think it creates a few bad things for the future. Durka was a good one shot villain, but I'm pretty sure he'll be back, and honestly I'm not excited. I also really dislike Chiana, she's one big walking cliche, and I think she may become a main character, which sucks. She couldn't be more generic, and I disliked every scene with her in it. Partly because she's so generic, partly because the actress's performance really got on my nerves. As much as I've been loving Farscape, if she becomes a main character I think she'll be the Wesley Crusher or Jar Jar of Farscape for me. I'll still be able to enjoy the show, but she'll make parts of it painful. I'm hoping she gets a personality transplant/new actress quickly, but I have the feeling that if I keep watching farscape (which I really want to) that I'll just be stuck with her. As long as she doesn't get too much screen time or get any episodes about her, and the show focuses more on the main cast, it will be fine. Basically, I'm saying she should be like worf in TNG season 1. She's there, she gets lines, but she isn't a focus (not that I have anything against Worf, I like him as a character and he's much better than Yar, I'm just comparing his role in Season 1 of TNG to what I want Chiana's to be, although I'm pretty sure I'm just in denial, and that they are going to focus on her more ).

Also, a bit off topic, but I only compare her to Wesley because he gets dumped on a lot as a useless scifi character, but I actually liked Wesley most of the time in TNG.
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