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Re: Arnold Schwarzenegger - The Last Stand

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The idea of Arnie as a small-town sheriff is just totally far-fetched to me. And they always give him some all-American name - why not give him a Germanic sounding name that actually suits him?
In this one he's named Ray Owens, so I guess he must be of Welsh descent.

He's had a fairly good mix of Germanic sounding names as well, and then completely off the wall last names like Matrix in Commando, which is French in origin and derived from Latin, although that was one of the few movies where they gave him a Germanic backstory (he grew up in East Germany).

I see what you're saying, but ultimately acknowledging his accent doesn't really matter unless they draw attention to it in the movie. If they put too much emphasis on it, you wind up with silly stuff like explaining Van Damme's accent and command of English by saying he grew up in the Louisiana bayou, and then giving him a French mother who didn't speak English and a father who spoke perfect English with an American accent.
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