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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Okay, I got around to "Angel One" last night. I know it's dogged a lot around here, but after seeing it for the first time in years, it's not THAT bad. Yes you have the awkward moments, but it was cool seeing Geordi (and then Data) in command as well as Riker having to think on his feet in giving a "Picard-like" speech to Beata without the help of Picard who was incapacitated.
For someone who is very, VERY sensitive on the depiction and treatment of women in entertainment, Angel One felt like an episode that tried to tell a clever gender story and not really succeeding. For starters, TNG didn't come off as a gender equality amongst it's characters even though we're supposed to be dealing with an enlightened humanity. Men are still primarily the ones in charge and women are the doctors and councilors. I know the series had Tasha Yar as the head security officer, but Picard rarely respected her. Remember the episode Haven when she made the suggestion to disable a ship that was about to endanger an entire planet? Picard's reaction was simply "And then what, Lieutenant?". This is the chief of security on the Federation flagship trying to help a planet, and Picard just openly calls her very logical plan as incompetent in front of the whole bridge crew.

With all of that and other episodes that literally state that women are not important, I can't help but feel this episode to be a little bit ironic in trying to show how far humanity has come. Also, it doesn't help that the rebellious survivor who we're supposed to sympathize with is acting like a smug jerk the whole entire time.
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