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Re: VOY Caption This 83; Curiosity Killed The Cat...

"When we get to the Bridge, I'm having Harry scan this turbolift for lifeforms, because I think the flatulence from those Klingon enchiladas have gained sentience."

"It's a good thing you're sitting down, Doc. I don't want to alarm you, but according to these sensor readings, we're in an asteroid."

"Alright, B'Elanna, we've seen what happens when these things are exposed to spores from cheese. Now, let's see what happens when we expose them to some LDS!"

"Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

"Getting thrown into the Delta Quadrant, getting probed by the Caretaker, infected with some weird alien virus, climbing up a never-ending staircase into the desert... there had better be a promotion involved in all this when we get back to Earth, or there'll be some hell to pay!"
"Brace yourself. The area of penetration will no doubt be sensitive." - Mr. Spock, The Immunity Syndrome
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