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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

It's not as if many people will be there on the Friday afternoon anyway. Looks like this will be the emptiest opening ceremony in history, but then I wouldn't have expected that clueless dolt Joiner to price the tickets at a level that would get people through the door and fill the place up a bit. Shows how few of the silver and gold packages have been sold if the pay on the day punters are having to subsidise the event to this level. And with the tickets only going on sale 2 weeks before they're posted out, it makes you wonder what exactly Joiner's up to.

And if wanted to be really cynical, I'd say main series actors have been told not to say that they're not coming. The same person has trolled the usual sites saying that Brent Spiner has said he's attending, quoting some obscure web chat. Well, along with pretty much everything else, Brent hasn't been announced. All smacks of Michael Dorn's "wouldn't miss it for the world" tweet months ago. Haven't seen him on the guest list either.

Manu whatshisface and Eddie Paskey announced today are just pathetic announcements. And to have the cheek to fill up space on the flyer with Nana, Rene and Alice as "new guests" when they were announced weeks ago shows what little Media 10 and Shamasters have to say about this event.

This event is what quite a few people had it nailed as right from the start. A money making scam. Except, it looks like Joiner will be running it at a mahoooosive loss. Rumour is he's only sold 50 tickets for Lords of Time which smelt like a DSTL fundraiser.

I think I've now formally abandoned any plans I had to go to this half baked scam.

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