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Re: 3D TOS Shuttlecraft...

There is a plugin for Sketchup called CurviSoft that helps you make complex shapes. I'm curious about it, but I understand it's not a free plugin although I don't know what it costs.

Candidly I find myself questioning the accuracy of some of the things on Phil Broad's construction drawings. The way the ship is drawn results in some counterintuitive shapes, from what I can see. You'd think you'd want the angle of the hull on the upper and lower sides to be constant, but that's not what you get following the drawings exactly as is. If the angle is supposed to remain constant from aft to bow then it's not drawn correctly, particularly as viewed from above or below. I'm not against a complex shape (it's more visually interesting) but its hard to imagine they would have built a TV prop this complex. You'd think they'd go for something simpler to construct.

I would really like to see the full-size mockup myself. I'm not sure how much I can get from a few screen caps of the mockup.
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