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Re: Phase II "Going Boldly" (new vignette)

Given "New Voyages" clout, I imagine the production may have connections to obtain higher end materials, but considering what's available to the average person, "furred" leggings or pants can pose some issues. Worn by a person of average build, most conventional "furred" fabrics tend fill out his or her frame, making the person look considerably "stocky". You'd need someone almost deathly thin so the added bulk of the fur will make the performer appear to have a normal build. Plus, it can be difficult to avoid a "team mascot" appearance (aka the dreaded and scorned "fursuit" look). It can be avoided, but you need a material with fibers that will lie flat rather than fuzzing outward.

I remember reading a StarLog article discussing the ape costumes from "Greystoke", a "serious" Tarzan adaptation released in the 80s. A special lycra type elastic fabric with embedded "fur" fibers was developed for the movie. Because it hugged the body like a dancer's leotard, it didn't wrinkle or buckle as much and maintained the illusion of a pelt better than other materials. Problem was, it cost several hundred dollars per yard some 25 years ago. Would New Voyages be willing to spend that kind of money for a "throw-away" shot of an extra in the background? I honestly can't say.

That's why I suggested having the M'Ress actress stand or sit behind a desk or console that would conveniently hide the legs. It would avoid the problems of creating furred legs that might suffer looking like part of a plush toy. It would also make presenting a tail a bit easier. It wouldn't even have to be attached to the actress. A "puppeteer" hidden by the set piece need only hold it close to the actress and twitch it, giving it a bit of "life".

"Pawed" hands? I'd take some artistic license and give her 5 digits per hand, 4 fingers and a dewclaw/thumb. That way, no single digit would look abnormally thicker than the others. Or, give her gloves, (in-story, something StarFleet issue intended to reduce fur shed upon equipment), the tip of each digit showing just the hint of a claw tip, implying there's something akin to a "button hole" that would allow her to flex her claws.

I'm just trying to imagine ways would this could be achieved without "breaking the bank" for the New Voyages team.


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