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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I ask about the TOS Enterprise, because I heard something about the TOS phasers getting stronger as you level up, and how it is possible to keep the Enterprise to the end.

Also, is the Enterprise customizable with its appearence and name like the others are?
It's not a "TOS Enterprise", it's a "TOS Constitution Class". You can give it any name you like. You can't change much about its appearance; it's not like the "free" starter Light Cruiser that has three different skins, it's a special thing.

Yes, the phasers level up; but the number of weapon mounts stays the same, and the hull stays the same, and the number and rank of console slots, etc. You won't want to use it past Lieutenant for anything except socializing.

The phasers levelling up is more useful for putting them on other ships until you can afford even-numbered replacements of the appropriate tier. They'll be stronger than the odd-numbered weapons in each tier, and weaker than the even; however, since they don't have any enhancements, odd-numbered ones might still be more attractive if they drop, since they could have one, two, or three enhancements depending on whether they're common/white (none), uncommon/green (one), rare/blue (two), or very rare/purple (three). Or at very high levels, ultra rare/dark purple (four).

So, let's say you get promoted to Lt. Commander, you don't have any Mark IV weapons yet, and you don't want to spend any money. You've just picked up your shiny new TMS Constitution or whatever (one of the Lt. Commander level Cruiser skins is the movie-era Constitution), and you don't want to stick with the generic Mark III common phasers they give you. You can sell two of the Mark III arrays and replace them with the TOS ones that level up, and they're effectively Mark III.5 weapons. You can keep doing that as you progress.

But, the TOS Constitution only has 2 forward and 1 aft weapons slots; a Lt. Commander cruiser has 2 forward and 2 aft. The TOS has 12,000 hull points; the Lt.C level cruiser has 19,500.

In the TOS Connie you'll only ever be able to seat three Bridge Officers, and they can only use Ensign-level powers. The Lt.C one has a second Engineering boff seat, that can do Lieutenant powers. Etc.

Eventually you'll be flying cruisers with 4 forward and 4 aft weapons, or slightly different for Escorts or Science ships, and five boff seats going all the way up to Commander powers. You will die if you try to do even the story missions at Vice Admiral level in a TOS Connie at the lowest difficulty, much less higher difficulties and tougher content like STFs. (The STO equivalent of five-man heroics in other MMOs).
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