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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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Just to clarify he was busted for testosterone not steroids.
"Steroids" is the catch-all term for anything in the PED world, though, be it testosterone / epitestosterone, masking agents, horse semen or whatever the hell it is that people shoot into their butts.

Let's not all start thinking, though, that juicing up with some testosterone suddenly turned Cabrera into a freak of nature: He's got all of 11 home runs this season (of his 159 hits, 113 have been singles) and he's been boosted by an obscene .379 BABIP, which is completely unsustainable and 70 points above his career average. He's been lucky, unless you think that testosterone is Magic Singles Potion.
There is a lot that can be taken from this. PED's don't necesarilly have to translate into HR's for them to be effective. Melky plays in a tough home run ballpark. Melky has been a player with the reputation of being overweight and somewhat lazy. He came into this season in a contract year somewhat more tone as you can see his running the bases better this year.

Melky has never been a home run hitter. His approach to the plate is that of a singles hitter with a little power to the gaps. PED's do translate into "singles potion." Bat speed coupled with a hitter's intellect can translate into a higher AVG. The ball that doesn't get through on the ground can suddenly find that hole if hit harder. Those flyouts in the gaps can find that hole as well. That fastball that you are late on and foul off is now snaking down the line for a double. The improvement's aren't easily quantifiable but they are there. It should be no suprise that Melky decided to take a short cut. It's the kind of guy he is.

Testosterone does a lot of things. Improves recovery, can provide energy but above all it can improve confidence which Melky has shown in abundance this year.
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