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Re: Arnold Schwarzenegger - The Last Stand

At one stage, Liam Neeson was attached. I can't help but thinking that this movie would have been a bit more interesting with someone who can pass for a normal member of the human race, such as Neeson, than with Arnie. Arnie looks even more ridiculous now, with that Stan Laurel haircut (clearly dyed) and his plastic face.

The idea of Arnie as a small-town sheriff is just totally far-fetched to me. And they always give him some all-American name - why not give him a Germanic sounding name that actually suits him?

Premise-wise, it seems to be a mix of the Bruce Willis movie Hostage and the under-rated One False Move from some years back. The idea could have been done as a very tense thriller but they seem to have gone for laughs and corn over tension. While the trailer was admittedly fun, it struck me as kind of a wasted opportunity - though full marks for playing up Arnie's age.
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