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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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New Fx?

Does the extended version require some FX work that doesn't just involve sitting around a space station and talking?

Did they cut out a whole sub-plot of Maxwell's proto-Data's arriving on a warship which the space station and the Enterprise had to defend themselves from?

I joke, of course, but even if there were some new FX needed you have to imagine reusing establishing shots of the Enterprise
in Station Orbit would've been enough, what could they possibly have to create for a mainly talking ep?

Unless....they did fix the scaling stuff by changing the type of Space Station the ep is set on?
Mostly mundane stuff, like the transporter effect and viewer images. These are the extra scenes that can be found in the teleplay:
  • Picard, Admiral Nakamura & Maddox beam aboard
  • Following corridor/turbolift conversation with Picard, Riker, Nakamura & Maddox
  • Picard talks to Nakamura on viewer in Ready Room
  • Maddox shows up at Data's farewell party
  • Gymnasium scene between Picard (who's fencing) and Riker
  • Picard prepares Data for trial in Data's quarters
Here's a copy of the teleplay with the additional scenes in bold:
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