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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Just finished this, not massively impressed. The most positive thing I can really say about it is that it was better than STF.

The first chapter was really discouraging and I almost gave up there and then and at the end of the day what was the point of exploring the alien culture initially and then abandoning that plot thread so quickly to the point where the Titan crew don't interact with any of the aliens really and the one character who we spend any time with mostly just gets brutally beaten and then killed off. They matter so little to the plot that it didn't even seem that odd we don't find out what happened to them once the crew have left the planet. That whole strand could easily have been avoided by telling the initial plot set up from the point of view of the AI. As it is it seemed to be there just to tell us how stupid and violent religious people are which even as an atheist felt ever so slightly heavy handed to me!

Then again at least it was a plot unlike the confused mess of the Andorian transporter nonsense which presumably was going for mystery but failed badly. The whole transporter duplicate plot line in Second Chances was always silly but at least the TV episode used it to tell an interesting story - no such luck here. Also if you start a book making clear how far Titan was from Federation space - hence a transwarp ship being sent out to find them then give us some explanation as to how the Andorians got to them so quickly.

Other than that yes Therin was a cartoon villain for the most part, none of the characters have moved on - to be honest it feels like no one has done much with Xin but surely he should have left the Luna incident behind by now or at least not had the hysterical fit he had here, same with Melora and the hologram stuff and yet another book where Tuvok gets into a bad way because of his telepathy, really!? There were also minor irritations - is Vale being 'poached' really something intelligent professional people would worry about a few years on and wasn't the Tholian scarf just a bit clumsy as a plot device!

And yes I'm another person who would like a break from the Titan's doom and gloom - this planet/culture will be destroyed for all time unless we do something now. I'm not quite sure why they needed to make it Titan's fault this time, apart from an extra page or two of woe is me from the crew it didn't seem to make much difference to the main story.

And yet despite that it was better than STF, wow that book was really bad!
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