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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

The Watcher - DVD
Silver Bullet - free admission
Logan's Run (1976) - DVD
17 Again - DVD
Total Recall (2012) - free admission
The Queen of Versailles - free admission
Adventureland - DVD
The Campaign - free admission
Hope Springs - free admission
The Bourne Legacy - free admission
Killer Joe - free admission
The Odd Life of Timothy Green - free screenin'
The Box - DVD
Short Circuit - free admission
Ruby Sparks - free admission
American Reunion: Unrated - DVD

Went to Alamo Slaughter this mornin' to see Short Circuit while it was there as part of the kids' summer camp series. And I know I've seen it before, but it would have been back when I was still in the single digits & via a pan and scan VHS, possibly even recorded off of tv...'cause, honestly, I was surprised by how many times characters said "shit," "bullshit" and "asshole" in an '80s kids movie! Not to mention a reporter askin' Ally Sheedy if she was molested by #5 and her response, "He's not that kind of robot!"

Went back to Alamo Slaughter for the last showin' of Ruby Sparks with my friend Maeby. She loved it! I thought it was pretty good...wish we had gotten to it sooner, to be honest.

Watchin' the unrated version of American Reunion on DVD now, since it was on sale this afternoon...

- edit, to add -

The theatrical cut of AR is one hour & fifty-three minutes. The unrated cut is one hour & fifty-four minutes.

No clue what was in the sixty seconds that couldn't be seen in the theater.

Anyone know?
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