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Re: Star Trek: Republic (Book II: Ties of Blood)

Chapter Two (cont.)

Melody was shaking her head as Cha’shin quickly ran through the highlights. “Well, Matt always did know how to push people’s buttons—he certainly managed to push mine a time or two,” she whispered. “Girls!” she snapped. “Get your emergency bags from the basement; Sarah, put Jinx into the travel carrier while you are down there. Amanda, grab my bag. NOW!”

The two girls—quite obviously frightened—immediately scampered for the stairs going down.

The Klingon Ambassador nodded in appreciation at the strong woman before him. “Matthew chose you well, didn’t he?” he chuckled.

Melody glared at the Klingon for a moment, and then she sighed. “Actually,” she said with a ghost of a smile, “I picked him—he always did look dashing in uniform.”

Cha’shin started to answer, but then he suddenly snarled and cursed in the Klingon tongue. He pressed a stud on his belt and then drew his knife in one hand and a small disruptor in the other. “Get down there with your children now, my Lady,” he growled. “Our foes are here—they have just taken out my driver.”

Melody began to run for the stairs as the girls started to emerge. “Back to the basement! Both of y-. . .”

But before she could reach them or even finish her sentence, the bay windows on the eastern face of the house exploded inwards and men clad in black rushed inside. Cha’shin howled as he raised the disruptor and fired one green beam into the chest of the first man threw, while his knife flew through the air and dug deep into the second’s shoulder. The Klingon crouched and shifted his aim as three phaser beams burnt through the home and his second disruptor shot caught the third man in the stomach. And in the confusion, the cat struggled free of the youngest girl's arms and bounced in the center of the chaos as she ran for the nearest couch to hide under.

“JINX!” yelled Sarah and she rushed into the middle of the room after the cat.

“SARAH, NO!” screamed Melody as she rushed to grab her daughter—but Sarah passed close by the fourth man, who backhanded her across the living room; her little body going limp as she smashed into a glass-topped table which shattered beneath her weight.

Two more golden phaser beams criss-crossed the room and Cha’shin snarled as one slammed into his shoulder and spun him around to the ground . . . and then the assailant who had struck Sarah turned his attention back to Melody.

And he crumpled to the ground as the engaged ex-wife of a Star Fleet Captain swung the cast iron poker from the fireplace like a baseball bat and struck him right on the edge of his right eye.

The last of the attackers had his phaser aimed at Melody and he shook his head, even as the blood of the knife Cha’shin had thrown dripped from his shoulder wound; he had switched the phaser to his good hand. “Drop it,” he ordered, as he turned the phaser on the limp body of her daughter. “Or she dies. You too, Klingon—quit crawling for that weapon.”

Melody dropped the poker and her face went bleak and he nodded. “Wasn’t expecting you to have a disruptor, Klingon—but just means more money for me.”

“You imbecile, you will never live to collect it . . . I am the Ambassador of the Klingon Empire to the Federation—you will be given to my people and torn limb from limb.”

The man’s face went white, but then he nodded. “Best to finish it then,” he said as he raised the phaser and centered it on Cha’shin’s chest.

At that moment, he heard a voice to one side of him, from the stair-way heading towards the basement. “Except Daddy taught me how to hunt,” followed by two clicks. He wheeled around training the pistol towards Amanda, and his eyes grew wide as he saw the double-barreled shotgun she was holding—and then the flash of both barrels erupting in flame was the last thing he ever saw.

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