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Re: TIL...

Called a Walmart to ask about the availability of a couple of the things I collect and the employee who picked up the customer courtesy phone in his department was pretty useless. I asked politely if he could check his department for two of the items, he said "Sure, if you could just hold on a few minutes," and then spent all of about thirty seconds looking(if he even did so in the first place). It didn't even sound as if he had actually put down the receiver.

"Sorry, sir...I don't see anything you're asking about." I got the very strong impression from the briefness of his absence as well as some of the background noise that perhaps he didn't really go looking at all, but that's happened before both to myself and other people I know. I politely said thanks for checking and hung up.

Suffice it to say, I drove out there to look for myself. And found what I had been asking about.
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