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Re: Is Neelix really supposed to be a survival expert?

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Well, even as a guy who doesn't like Neelix, sfdebris is hardly an objective source, however funny he may be.

Neelix just always struck me as the guy who talked up his resume constantly to land him a job he has no idea how to perform. Basically he BS's his way through life.
Sfdebris may not be objective, but he does have a point. After everything that happened during Basics, the fact that Neelix was not at least confinned to kitchen duties or just booted off the ship is mind boggling.
Not that I disagree, but Janeway's pandering to Neelix for whatever reason isn't even the worst of her command decisions. Personally I wouldn't have trusted him to even cook my food after that crap he pulled in Caretaker with lying to the crew and getting them captured to rescue Kes from the Kazon. Did it not even occur to him to just ask and the good guys would probably have helped him?
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