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Re: Star Trek: Republic (Book II: Ties of Blood)

Chapter Two (cont.)

The Klingon ignored the stares of the local residents as he trotted up the four flights of stairs and then turned into a long corridor. He made his way down the hall of the apartment complex, upon reaching a specific door, he came to a halt and pressed the admittance key—there was no answer. Looking both ways, he drew a small device from a pouch on his belt and fixed it to the security panel; there was a sudden click and the door hissed open.

Closing the door behind him, he quickly—but thoroughly—searched the small living residence. The coffee maker was cold, the electronic mail on Cassandra Dahlgren’s computer had not been checked since earlier this morning. He frowned as he drew out a communicator.

“She is not here,” he growled in Klingon. “It appears she has not returned from her classes.”

“We have reports that a woman meeting her description and a Vulcan male were accosted in public—the attackers are in local police custody, but she and the Vulcan have vanished,” a voice replied.

“Understood. Instructions?”

“Return to base.”

The Klingon closed the communicator and taking one final look around the small apartment, he left it behind him.

************************************************** ****************

“SARAH!” Melody Dahlgren shouted as she nearly tripped over a collection of toys spread across the living room. “SARAH LINDSEY DAHLGREN!”

Her youngest daughter rushed down the stairs, trailed by Jinx the cat, even as the little girl’s older sister Amanda (who no longer liked to be called Amy) grinned from the seat in front of the piano where she was practicing.

“Yes, Momma?” her daughter asked with a broad smile.

Melody frowned down at her and then she pointed at the pile of toys in the middle of the floor. “Yours, I believe?”

Sarah frowned too. “I was coming back for them,” she protested.

“When? You went upstairs an hour ago.”

“That long?”

“Put them up if you aren’t playing with them, Sarah—I will not tell you again.”

The young girl began to protest, but then the doorbell rang. Melody walked over and opened it . . . and she jumped back in surprise at the two Klingons standing there.

“Melody Dahlgren?” one asked politely as he showed his identification—the Ambassador of the Klingon Empire to the United Federation of Planets asked.

“Yes,” she answered. “What can I do for you . . . Ambassador Cha’shin.”

“You could invite us in to speak, Madame Dahlgren—I am the nephew of Lord Koram, and therefore a relative of your former mate.”

“The operative word there being my former mate, Mister Ambassador. Matt isn’t here, he isn’t even on Earth—as usual. Good day, Sir,” she said flatly as she started to close the door, and looked up in surprise as Cha’shin wedged his boot in place to stop here.

“No, Madame Dahlgren, he is not here and he cannot protect his family—which is why I have been sent, to serve in his place,” the Klingon said quietly.

Melody’s face drained of color. “Protect . . . just what the hell has my ex done now that his family needs to be protected?”

Cha’shin shook his head. “That conversation needs to be held in a safer place—for you and your daughters.”

Her face turned white and she stepped away from the door. “Perhaps you had best come in and tell me then,” she said. “Welcome to my home, Ambassador—it is a mess at the moment, I warn you.”

Cha’shin snorted as he stepped inside—and then he turned to the second Klingon and barked a quick chain of orders in his native tongue. “He will remain outside on watch, Madam- . . .”

“My name is Melody, Ambassador. And I go by my maiden name now, Holder. Call me Madame Dahlgren again and I’ll skin you with your own knife.”

The Klingon laughed. “I see why Matthew married you—you have spirit, woman! I approve,” then the smile left his face. “Come, let me tell you of why your family is in danger, and then if you permit me to, I know of a place where you will be safe and secure.”

************************************************** ****************

The thug shook his head and lowered the binoculars. “Klingons were not part of this deal,” he snarled softly.

“Then be grateful there are only two of them—Klingons die from phaser blasts as easily as humans after all.”

“What are they doing here anyway?” the first man asked with a frown.

“Who cares?” a third answered. “Control confirmed we get a bonus for them.”

“How much of bonus?” the fourth inquired.

“Enough to make it worth our while. Time to earn our pay, lads,” the second man—the leader—said. “Take out the outside sentry first and then we rush the house. There is just the one Klingon and the woman inside—plus her two kids.”

“Kill them all?”

The leader nodded. “That’s the word, gentlemen. Kill them all.”

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