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Re: Star Trek: Republic (Book II: Ties of Blood)

Chapter Two (cont.)

“We need to get inside a public building and call the authorities,” Cass said as she kept looking over her shoulder at the rapidly darkening streets.

“No, Miss Dahlgren, your father has made an enemy of a powerful person—several actually. One with significant control over the local authorities,” Sepak answered as he continued walking. “Were you to be taken into custody you would shortly thereafter be dead.”

Cass jerked. “Wh-why-who is behind this?”

“A very powerful politician on the Federation Council—an Ambassador that stands a strong chance of becoming the next President of the United Federation of Planets, child. You cannot trust the authorities—you cannot trust anyone.”

She stopped and simply stared at the Vulcan, who sighed and turned around to face her once he no longer heard her footsteps. “It is not fair, it is not right, but this is the way it must be, Cassandra Dahlgren. Your father is en route back to earth—and until he finds a way to stop this . . . individual and those she commands, you, your sisters, and your mother must be kept safe.”

“Amy? Sarah? Mom? This woman is after them too?” she whispered in shock.

Sepak nodded gravely. “You are all in imminent danger—come, we cannot tarry any longer.”

Cass looked around one more time and then she began walking again, Sepak following behind her, giving directions as he watched over Matt’s daughter. “Why is she doing this?”

“Your father has made a habit of disrupting the plans of many decades—for the best of reasons, of course, with the intention of preserving the Federation. There are those behind these plans, however, that object to your father’s interference and want to hurt him as badly as he has hurt them. This woman is one of those individuals.”

“Why didn’t he contact me? Or Mother?”

“Your communications have been tapped and are being monitored, Cassandra Dahlgren. Had your father even attempted to make contact with you, you and your family would have been already killed,” the Vulcan answered in a calm, emotionless voice. “There, that door ahead on the right. The security code is four-one-seven, three-two-three, six-six-eight.”

Cass turned right at a non-descript door on the side of the one of the massive towers and she pressed the keypad in the sequence directed . . . the door popped open with a hiss and she passed over the threshold, Sepak behind her. She heard the door shut and sealed and then the Vulcan pressing in a new code on this side of the security lock. The room she stood in was empty, dark, and cold. But on the far wall, she could see faint illumination coming from an office.

“This is safe-house that I know of—one of many,” the Vulcan said as he walked forward. “You will be safe from those thugs here—do you drink coffee?”

“Yes, please,” Cass answered with a shiver as she reached the door to the office and passed from the darkness into light. The small office was well outfitted with a replicator, two desks, and a pair of computer work-stations. Sepak spoke to the replicator in Vulcan and it hummed. “Sugar? Cream?”

“Both, please.”

She heard a spoon clinking on the mug and then Sepak turned around and handed her the cup filled with the steaming caramel colored liquid. Cass sighed and she took a sip. “Thank you. For everything, Sepak.”

“Gratitude is not warranted, Miss Dahlgren,” the Vulcan answered. “Tell me, do you believe in God, Cassandra Dahlgren?”

She frowned. “I do,” she answered in a puzzled voice.

“And do you know the name of God?”

Cass set down the cup and she stood as alarm bells started ringing in her head, but the room began to spin and her vision blurred; she collapsed, but the Vulcan caught her and lowered her into a chair. He leaned over her and he smiled slightly. “The name of God is Ordan, Cassandra Dahlgren, blessed be her name. We shall discuss that and other matters at length . . . once you awaken. I did warn you not to trust anyone, did I not?”

The rest of Sepak’s words were unheard as Cassandra’s vision faded to black and her eyes rolled back into her head as she fell into a drug-induced state of unconsciousness.

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