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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

The Flax (Farscape) - I liked this episode. John and aeryn get trapped in something called the flax while Aeryn is teaching John to drive the shuttle/pod. It traps them there, and cuts off communication, so they send out a message pod to get help. On the ship, Zhaan, D'Argo and Rygel meet a scavenger who tells D'Argo he knows where a ship is that could give him the maps to get home. Around this time they get the pod from John/Aeryn, so D'argo goes with the scavenger to pick them up, after getting the maps before the ship with the maps is destroyed. Eventually, it comes down to D'Argo having to choose between the maps and John/aeryn (theres a bit in between, but I don't want t summarize the whole episode). He decides to save them, catching them in a compromising position in a very funny scene. Another funny scene happens at the end, where the scavager

I liked this episode, it had a good blend of seriousness and humor.

And the Sky Full of Stars - I enjoyed this episode. I was sure the guys searching the commander's mind would be wrong, but they were on to something. This episode has made me very curious, what did happen to the commander? How was the ambassador involved? Why would he have to die if he knew? I hope its brought up again this season.

Deathwalker - This was a decent episode. It raises some questions, like why do 5 species get one vote a piece in the B5 council, but a whole group of aliens only get one vote together, and why does it seem like all of the earth politicians are corrupt, but overall I liked the episode. I don't know what the suited ambassador was doing to the psi corps woman, but contract or not if she was stupid enough to hang around once the images started appearing (which was obviously connected to the ambassador and the guy) then its her own fault if her memories get used against her later. I knew Deathwalker was going to get killed, no way were the writers going to have an "immortality serum" exist in the universe, it was just a matter of who would kill her. I'm surprised the suited ambassador could kill her and not get in trouble, his species must be powerful, because if earth had done that, they would have probably started a fight.

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