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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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Yeah, his entire career he was an ok, but not great player. The fact that he rose to be so good is what was surprising. That he used steroids is honestly the best explanation and the punishment is completely deserving since he would have left some team on the hook for millions of dollars that he only would have gotten because he used steroids.
But do we question everyone now who has a good year when they have historically been average? What kind of policy is that for a sport trying to clean up it's act and 20 years of stariods in the game (Maybe more). I think they need to be a lot harsher than the 50 games.
Just to clarify he was busted for testosterone not steroids. For a first time offender I'd say 50 games was accurate. Melky didn't argue either and pretty much admitted to rolling the dice so to speak.

In response to you, there is no "policy" on questioning players like Melky. It is human nature though. Unfortunately the precedent has been set that players performing well outside the norm will probably get a few raised eyebrows. Hell, I'll be the first one to admit that I was curious about Jose Bautista during his breakout year. I have the right to be skeptical.
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