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Re: Would Nemesis have been received better if.....

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Nemesis would have been a better movie if the cut scenes hadn't been cut.

Nemesis would have been a better movie B4 had been Lore. Giving Data's consciousness to Lore would have left the possibility to make him the big villain of the next movie, you know ... Lore's personality somehow taking over and so on. And then it could have been him instead of Nero who went into the past, after he blew up Romulus of course!

Nemesis would have been a better movie if Shinzon had been Sela or Tom Riker or anyone else, the whole Picard clone idea didn't work for me.

Nemesis would have been a better movie if Jonathan Frakes had directed it.

Nemesis would have been a better movie if it had more Romulans.

Nemesis would have been a better movie if it had old Romulan Warbirds instead of Valdore Class ships.
Agreed on most counts. The cut scenes definitely needed to be included. They were most of the character moments of the film. We could have done without a few of the action sequences -- can anyone say "dune buggy"? -- in order to get those character moments in. They were important, and they would greatly enhance the film.

I also agree Jonathan Frakes would have made a much better movie than Stuart Baird. He would have certainly brought much more of a respect for Star Trek and a desire to make something other than just a mindless action film.

I agree that the Romulans should have played a more prominent role. This was build as the big movie in which the Romulans were finally going to be the adversaries, and then it ended up being about a human.

But I don't agree about including Sela, Tom Riker, or even Lore. I think there's probably too much backstory in there for a feature film. Lore maybe. You could have a line of dialog about how Lore is the prototype for Data that went horribly wrong. But Sela? There's no way to explain who she is, and why we care, in a line or two. And we don't need time in the movie devoted to explaining the backstory of Tasha Yar, "Yesterday's Enterprise," "Redemption," and "Unification".

Personally, I think the clone of Picard idea could have worked. But it should have been Patrick Stewart playing both characters. He is a good enough actor to pull it off without it being corny. And we didn't need a Data story where he also happens to be dealing with a clone. Not every movie needed a Data b-story. Really. Data could still play an important role, and even sacrifice himself in the end, without having to have his own storyline.

My only other comment is that they should find something for the ensemble to do. Unlike TOS, which is often cited as an ensemble show but really wasn't, TNG was a true ensemble show. The first three TNG movies at least made a perfunctory attempt to give the other characters besides Picard and Data something to do, and coincidentally the film that is most respected of the TNG era, First Contact, is also the one in which the ensemble had the most substantive roles. Picard can still be front and center, but there's no reason that the other characters need to be background set pieces.
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