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Re: Phase II "Going Boldly" (new vignette)

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Greg, while I'm no expert, I highly doubt that makeup of that sophistication isn't a much longer process than ears. I could be completely mistaken, but after seeing such examples on the show "Face Off" which is a movie-makeup competition show, it hasn't been impression that makeup like that would be that quick.
Quick? Do you know how long it takes to do Spock's ears?

The main problem is visible seams. If the seams are in a visible location (like on the pinna), they are tedious to do well. If the seams aren't going to be visible (for example, if they are going to be covered with a long mane-like wig), they don't need to be perfect.
About 60 to 90 mins for Spock's ears if memory serves? But I admit I only vaguely paid attention, as I don't sit and watch it. (I try to stay out of the make-up room despite it being cool because I figure if I don't have a direct use, I shouldn't be there taking up space.
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