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Re: Cause and Effect

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Captain Frasier: "How many years were we caught in that loop?"
Picard: "About ninety years."
This joke made me think of something, the Enterprise Dee ended up out of sync with time by 17.3 days, and the crew started figuring thing out a few loops before and devised a way out.

The USS Boseman was in the loops for 90 fukking years, what kind of clown show did Captain Bateson have aboard his ship anyway?

I mean, I understand that the Enterprise Dee is the flagship, and best of the best, yap yap yap. But the Boseman is a Starfleet vessel, they couldn't do anything in 90 years?

They were probably already used to doing and saying the same thing every single day anyway, so it didn't make any difference....? Your guess is as good as mine.
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