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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Why is it always us!

Oh well we can concentrate on the league now till the New Year at least
At least you had a side to put out and it was entertaining - we had barely half a dozen first teamers in our squad and a dozen academy players. Making us play that game, and Sky moving our first game to Friday night, and the international friendlies, have absolutely destroyed any chance we had and I wish Northampton well. They could not have got a luckier draw than us.

Let's hope we both light up the league now.

Arsenal must be laughing their arses off at United. 24m for a 29 year old who will likely be injured for a long period? Astonishing business that completely pays for Giroud, Podolski and, best of all, Cazorla.

It's entirely possible Fergie has gone mad.....or this is the best strike partnership ever and they win the league with 120 goals scored.
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