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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Folks, I just made an account for the game less than a weel ago, and I could use any pointers you veteren plays could give me.

My character, right now is a science officer....and I am wondering what are the best overall 4 traits, when making your character, to have? Also, how good is the TOS Enterprise in the game, I am tempted to buy it when I can. Same goes for the Oberth. Also, can the TOS Enterprise be customized and renamed as well?
Traits, depend on what you want to do. Concentrate on space traits. Elusive is always good, Techie is always useful, Not sure what else is available, depends on your race as well.

TOS Enterprise is ok, better then Oberth at that level, since all starter ships have the same layout.
On the other hand, enemies are so weak you will hardly notice any difference.
Don't buy both ships as it's only good for ten levels which will be done in a single afternoon.
Then you get your next tier ship already.

General advice. Don't buy any of the mid level ships from the store, as the normal free ones are more than enough to level up.
At Level 50 you can take a look at what's available.

try to level up slow (good luck with that) to learn the game play mechanics as best as you can.
You will need the knowledge at endgame.
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