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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

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Even in supposedly dark DS9 the characters were emotional Gumbys, just like TOS.

Ziyal is cruelly murdered? Thats okay, lets have a Klingon wedding with plenty of hijinx! Odo helped the enemy? whatever, we forgive him and reinstate him as chief of security. Sisko advises the Bajorans against the interests of the Federation? Starfleet doesnt even notice. There's a terrible war going on, and the future of the Federation nags in the balance? That doesn't stop the station's officers from becoming obsessed with a holosuite baseball tournament.
So right. This is one of the things that annoys me most about any ST show....those people go through a lot of truly horrible stuff, I mean the writers do real numbers on them, and what are the repercussions? Nada!

Like O'Brien, who's the resident butt monkey (twice he got imprisoned - he spent a life sentence in his mind, in a horrible place, where he did horrible things), and it never, ever affects him. He is body-snatched and replaced by a robot and has a war trauma, he time-travels and sees everyone he knows getting blown up, he's fought the Borg...I could go on and on.

He never changes. It never affects him. Not one bit. He just doesn't give a fuck. That guy's more of a sociopath than Sheldon Cooper and Sherlock Holmes put together. Yikes.

Dark and gritty might be the wrong choice of words....I love optimism as much as the next girl, but Jesus, can actions please have consequences? Overcoming personal limitations, difficulties, conflict, fear, prejudice....that's what courage and optimism mean. If nothing amounts to anything, then being moral and brave and noble and chipper is not really an achievement at all.
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