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I know that's the intent, but I couldn't make it fit in my chronology that way, so I had to fudge it. After all, JL/U hadn't been made yet when RotJ came out, so it resulted in a continuity glitch. Putting the RotJ flashbacks earlier than Timm wanted is the only way I could reconcile the inconsistency.
What inconsistency? The only one I can think of is the costume not being the same as the one in JL/JLU. I'd hardly call that a problem. Really it's just aesthetics, but if you want to be really anal about it, one can say he just changed costumes occasionally, no?

Kaznia. It was shown to be in a troubled state as early as the S:TAS premiere, so MotB could've easily taken place sometime between that and JL.
Sure, but the movie was produced around the same time as JL's second season so that way round makes a little more sense. Again, I wouldn't get too hung up over the costumes.

Actually I found that it works surprisingly well if you assume that most of it (except the BB stuff, of course) happened in roughly real time. The real-life intervals between series and events therein are usually consistent with what's implied about the in-story intervals.
It probably works well precisely because they avoided being specific about how much time has passed. If they'd made a habit of getting into specifics then you can bet there'd be a ton of errors and contradictions. Sometimes the best way to maintain continuity is to not bother with it at all. All that Cadmus stuff in JLU that tied back into old STAS & BTAS was just a happy coincidence. It only *looked* like they pre-planned it all. Very well done mind.
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