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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

The international market might be an afterthought, but clearly they did think of it with Yamato, else they would not have bothered with English subtitles for their Blu-Ray releases. Blu-rays that work on North American players.

They seem quite aware of Star Blazer's fandom, which has mostly coverted to Yamato fandom. It is becoming less common to see people use the name "Argo" and most publications use "Yamato" for the ship even if all the character names are still in their English dub variant. The exception to this is if something is being made "in story" where it needs to fit the existing show. Fan-comics for example. Some use "Yamato", but some use "Argo". Sometimes it depends on the writer, but other times it actually depends on how the story is to be presented.

Take the Argo Press Comics from ten years ago. Those are set during or around the Dark Nebula Empire films in after the Comet Empire War but before the Bolar Wars (between Season 2 and 3). In those they author calls the ship "Yamato" However more recently, in the Star Blazers Rebirth and Extended Bolar Wars comics, the same author uses "Argo". It fits the style better even though for just about everything else, the ship is called Yamato.

Anyway, the Japanese fandom groups (the director seems like he was part of one) are quite aware of the international fandom groups. Some of the changes to Yamato 2199 verse the orignal seem to be similar to the script changes for Star Blazers. At least so far. The reasoning for Mamoru Kodai's last stand is more in line with the Star Blazers version than the original. The robots driving the tanks is more in line with the Star Blazers script (though that was to avoid on screen violence, since it was 1979.) "Robot tanks" makes the crew's reaction to the introduction of a live Gamilon later in the show more believable. Also Analyser's unit designation "AU-09" is very, very close to the Star Blazers "IQ-9" name.

We'll see if they take the Star Blazer's reasoning on the subject of Balan when they get there verses the original reasoning. Derek Wildstar's reasons for wanting to attack a Gamilon base were a whole lot more logical and rational than Kodai's were in the orignal.
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