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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Now that the Olympics are over, I'm speeding up my viewing of TNG on Blu-Ray and watched up through Home Soil tonight. Some thoughts, since I've been talking about the other episodes:

-11001001 is probably my favorite episode of the season, but it brings up one of my pet peeves in terms of television drama. The countdown to the ship's destruction is a really really slow 5 minutes. I mean does it really take 49 seconds to get from engineering to the Bridge? I don't think so. I really feel bad for the woman who played the role of Minuet at the very end of the episode. I know she was only a hologram, but it's gotta suck to be compared to a much more beautiful woman and being told indirectly that you're ugly. As for the Remastering, I loved what they did with the Starbase. Now fix the audio issues and this episode is probably in my top 2 if I were to judge the episodes based on remastering alone.

-I guess I'm in a minority, but I kind of liked Too Short a Season. The Make Up work was done pretty well, and despite the acting being bad, I still liked the story, especially the end.

-When the Bough Breaks is really not a good episode (Even though, again, Aldaea looks beautiful in HD) but it had 2 cute moments:

1) Alexandra hugging Picard on the planet
2) Alexandra giving Picard the flower. Was that a stuffed tribble she had?

-DS9 gave us Allamaraine, TNG gave us "Ugly Bags of Mostly Water". I wonder in the same vain, what did Star Trek, Voyager, and Enterprise give us in the first season that's as corney as those two phrases.

Seriously though, while Devil in the Dark did so much better, I still really liked the urgency of this one.

Perhaps when everyone is done with the season, we can rank our top 5 episodes based on remastering only. For me, so far I would rank them:

1. 11001001
2. Datalore
3. Encounter at Farpoint
4. Where No One Has Gone Before
5. Lonely Among Us

There really are some episodes where the remastering isn't really as noticeable (Like When the Bough Breaks) as others, but that doesn't negate the job and Care CBS has done with these sets.
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