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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

I'm actually really happy that Carol Danvers is getting some respect again and getting her own solo book back. I really enjoyed the old Ms. Marvel series. It was a fun read and frankly am I the only one who thinks Jeri Ryan would be an awesome Ms Marvel? I know she's gotten older than her 7 of 9 days, but then again, Carol Danvers IS supposed to be a seasoned Air Force officer (A "full bird Colonel" according to Captain Marvel #1) and a former NASA security chief, magazine editor, writer, and oh yeah a long time Avenger. So really she HAS to be in her late 30s at least to have all the be believable. (okay so Jeri Ryan is 44 - so what? She still looks good and at least the new Captain Marvel costume is more covering and doesn't have to be skin tight - and hey Jeri Ryan WAS an Army brat so she's at least got the Military lingo in her background, probably doesn't feel at all uncomfortable in military settings)

Lady Sif was always kind of a cool character, be nice to see her really stand on her own.

You do have to wonder if Marvel is really really trying to develop their own "Wonder Woman", I mean Captain Marvel sorta could be their Wonder Woman - but Lady Sif sorta has that whole mythological thing going for her too. Heh... there we go. ABC - I've got your new "Avengers show" right here. Captain Marvel and Lady Sif. It brings in the cosmic and the mythological - so you can have Asgard without having Thor.

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