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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Aldebaran Shellmouth. McCoy once said that Spock was as tight-lipped as one during his pon farr.
B is for Bones, a name he never called hisother best friend, Dr McCoy.
C is for Crying, which Spock did once.
D is for Dying, which Spock also did once. In 2285. Only to be regenerated and live again a short time later.
E is for Executive Officer. One of Spock's jobs.
F if for Friend, which is Spock is for Kirk.
G is for Green, the color of his blood.
H is for Hairstyle. Spock's hairstyle barely changed at all during the course of his life.
I is for Intellect. Something Spock has in spades.
J is for Jellyfish..Spock's Ship!
K is for Kirk, his best friend during his Starfleet career and someone who would remain a part of Spock's life and a profound influence into the late 24th century.
L is for Lirpa, Spock's weapon of choice.
M is for Mount Seleya, the mountain where Spock's Katra was restored.
N is for Nimoy
O is for Orderly, which his keen and disciplined scientific mind was.
P is for Pon Farr.
Q is for Quinto, Zachary.
R is for Romulan, he kind of looked like one..
S is for Sarek, his father.
T is for T'Pring, the gal who makes Spock's parts tingle.
U is for Unification, something he worked for later in life.
V is for Vulcan
W is for WOMEN!, he becomes most alarmed when they vanish.
X is for Xindi. To the best of our knowledge he never interacted with any.
Y is for Yellow.
Z is for Zarabeth of Sarpeidon, with whom he once fell deeply in love while stranded some 5,000 years in that planet's past.
"Human instinct is pretty strong. You can't expect us to change overnight."

-Jonathan Archer, 2151
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