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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Aldebaran Shellmouth. McCoy once said that Spock was as tight-lipped as one during his pon farr.
B is for Bones, a name he never called hisother best friend, Dr McCoy.
C is for Crying, which Spock did once.
D is for Dying, which Spock also did once. In 2285. Only to be regenerated and live again a short time later.
E is for Executive Officer. One of Spock's jobs.
F if for Friend, which is Spock is for Kirk.
G is for Green, the color of his blood.
H is for Hairstyle. Spock's hairstyle barely changed at all during the course of his life.
I is for Intellect. Something Spock has in spades.
J is for Jellyfish..Spock's Ship!
K is for Kirk, his best friend during his Starfleet career and someone who would remain a part of Spock's life and a profound influence into the late 24th century.
L is for Lirpa, Spock's weapon of choice.
M is for Mount Seleya, the mountain where Spock's Katra was restored.
N is for Nimoy
O is for Orderly, which his keen and disciplined scientific mind was.
P is for Pon Farr.
Q is for Quinto, Zachary.
R is for Romulan, he kind of looked like one..
S is for Sarek, his father.
T is for T'Pring, the gal who makes Spock's parts tingle.
U is for Unification, something he worked for later in life.
V is for Vulcan
W is for WOMEN!, he becomes most alarmed when they vanish.
X is for Xindi. To the best of our knowledge he never interacted with any.
Y is for Yellow.
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