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Re: DCAU appreciation

Turtletrekker, thanks. I do now recall seeing something about that storyline. I just meant that I wish that they would do it in animation as a DVD film and bring back Loren Lester, Kevin Conroy, et. al. in their roles.

To Christopher and Showdown, I just was repeating a rumor I had seen on one site about the DCAU,( I know, I know, never trust anything, especially on the Net.) and I regret that. I was just saying that I wished we had gotten a better wrapup for Nightwing, though I agree with Gotham Central that the reason they had the bat embargo on using Batman's supporting characters (other than Bats himself) was because of the new cartoon The Batman. The rational for JLU to not be able to use the other Batman characters was because it would confuse younger viewers with two shows having the same characters. I think young viewers are savvy enough to know the difference though.
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