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Doctor Weir

I've often opined that I wished Blond Doctor Weir would've continued the role, as I've always been been annoyed by Tori Higginson as an actress, ever since seeing her in TekWar (Years before I saw her in Stargate).

I've recently finished SG1 rewatch, and am now at episode 2.7 of Atlantis, and I'm actually pretty impressed with Doctor Weir, she's tough, she knows how to deliver a threat like Janeway, but, she's not nearly as unpredictable and split personality.

I think I'll rewatch Tek War when I finish SG:Atlantis, to see if I can find a new appreciation for Tori (I plan to rewatch Quantum Leap soon, too, to see if I can mange to not hate Scott Bakula as Sam Beckett, after recently rewatching ENT and learning not to hate Captain Archer nearly as much)
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