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Re: How would you improve Insurrection?

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Regardless of that, my point about the moral grey area works. It works better as whether it is moral to force those people to move so that millions can benefit than the tired old cliche of "Oh no! The good cop has turned bad! Who can I trust anymore! is the sarge in on it too?"
But why would anyone trust the Son'a to use benefit anyone besides themselves if they are just presented as pure evil? Why would Picard or any of crew have any problem fighting against a bunch of evil drug dealing slavers? If the Son'a are just one dimensional bad guys, I don't see how this is effective moral dilemma, when one side is represented by the best officers in Star Fleet and the other side is represented by.

Also the Son'a as just one dimensional greedy bad guys doesn't make them compelling enough to carry a movie, that's why you need Star Fleet to get involved in removing the Ba'ku, you can imagine that Star Fleet has noble intentions, but perhaps is doing the wrong thing to achieve these noble intentions, which makes more developed dilemma then the prefect Star Fleet officers vs. the mustache twirling Son'a.
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