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Re: Cause and Effect

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Captain Frasier: "How many years were we caught in that loop?"
Picard: "About ninety years."
This joke made me think of something, the Enterprise Dee ended up out of sync with time by 17.3 days, and the crew started figuring thing out a few loops before and devised a way out.

The USS Boseman was in the loops for 90 fukking years, what kind of clown show did Captain Bateson have aboard his ship anyway?

I mean, I understand that the Enterprise Dee is the flagship, and best of the best, yap yap yap. But the Boseman is a Starfleet vessel, they couldn't do anything in 90 years?

The Bozeman was only in the loop as long as the Enterprise was (17.3 days).
Bozeman is flying around space TNG-time minus 90 years. It gets pulled into the vortex 90 years into its future, hits the E-D, the E-D blows up (possibly causing the vortex, starting the loop over.
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