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I prefer Batman TAS to TNBA, but I really enjoy them both. That being said, the one thing I didn't like about The New Batman Adventures was what Bruce Timm and company did with the Dick Grayson character. They had him and Batman at odds most of the time, and showed that Dick actually punched Bruce in the face and left Gotham for a few years. Eventually the character was just dropped without any goodbye story. It was eventually explained in one line in ROTJ that he moved to another city, but we never saw or heard from Grayson in the DCAU.
I'm not sure what you mean. Dick was a major recurring character in TNBA. What you're talking about, his falling-out with Batman and his world travels, comes from the flashbacks in the episode "Old Wounds," and is spelled out in more detail in the comic miniseries The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years, written by the late Hilary J. Bader, one of the head writers for TNBA. But Dick came back in his new identity of Nightwing, and was featured in seven TNBA episodes, as well as making nonspeaking cameo apperances in JL's "The Savage Time" and JLU's "Grudge Match." He was also mentioned but not seen in S:TAS: "Knight Time," several Batman Beyond episodes, Return of the Joker, and JLU: "Epilogue."

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IIRC, Bruce Timm has said that the RotJ flashback are the last thing to happen in the BTAS -> JLU timeframe. Meaning that it all happens *after* JLU...
I know that's the intent, but I couldn't make it fit in my chronology that way, so I had to fudge it. After all, JL/U hadn't been made yet when RotJ came out, so it resulted in a continuity glitch. Putting the RotJ flashbacks earlier than Timm wanted is the only way I could reconcile the inconsistency.

Likewise the main story of RotJ is supposed to be the last thing in that time frame (save for 'Epilogue', of course.)
I'm not sure why I put it earlier. I think it may have had something to do with Bruce taking over Wayne/Powers again in the movie -- there may have been something in a third-season episode that seemed like it came after that.

'Mystery of the Batwoman' was I think supposed to take place around season 2 of Justice League (there's mention of weapons shipments to that fake county who's name I forget, the one Vandal Savage takes over?)
Kaznia. It was shown to be in a troubled state as early as the S:TAS premiere, so MotB could've easily taken place sometime between that and JL.

I recall Timm saying at the time that they always kept the exact timeline deliberately loose, with everything basically taking place in 'Peanuts' time. So it's really not supposed to withstand close scrutiny.
Actually I found that it works surprisingly well if you assume that most of it (except the BB stuff, of course) happened in roughly real time. The real-life intervals between series and events therein are usually consistent with what's implied about the in-story intervals.
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