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Re: Crossover with other franchises?

Timewalker wrote: View Post
oooOOOOoooo.... so somebody's pissed off that I'm not agreeing with him just because he's a published author?

Bullshit. And Christopher, you just attacked ME, by categorizing my profound distaste for a hack author ruining a classic as a "hatefest." Trust me, what I said is MILD in comparison to what others have said.

I DID give you useful information - the page you linked to is pure crap that's NOTHING to do with the actual novel Dune.

You've just lost a reader. Congratulations. And it's nothing to do with your writing. It's because you're being a jerk. And I wouldn't be so proud of an endorsement by KJA. He can churn out quantity, definitely. Too bad not much of it is quality.
OmahaStar wrote: View Post
Yeah, he has been doing that for years. He lives to needle people and show people up with his "knowledge." He still has no idea why so many people call him Kia behind his back. Who knows? He may even be a halfway-decent writer, but he's such a jerk that he drives potential readers away.

As for KJA, he's a nice enough guy. I've had the pleasure of meeting him several times now, and he's always friendly and personable - online and in person (some writers could learn from that) - but he does live by quantity over quality.

Still, I'm looking forward to Stewartquake, the follow-up to Shatnerquake, but featuring Patrick Stewart and his various characters. Would love to see his characters from Jeffrey and Lifeforce having a chat with Picard. It would be a hoot!
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