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Re: Phase II "Going Boldly" (new vignette)

Instead of appliances for the lower half (since you're gonna have to have a tail anyway), take a page from the TMP costumes - how about fur-covered tights with shoes built-into (as in inside) the feline "feet." Depending on how "animated" you want to make the tail, it can be half-practical (the first foot or so projecting from the actress) half-CGI (the rest), full practical but remote-controlled (think Jabba's tail in ROTJ) or all-CGI. But other than the tail, the more practical the better (including a Batman-style furry cowl that incorporates the mane/ears/neck/upper shoulders that the actress can don - the face appliance covers the seams - and yellow "cat eye" contact lenses).

The hands I think would be the biggest problem, since they need to be four-fingered and cat-like yet allow the actress to handle the bridge controls with some visible degree of dexterity.
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