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Re: Is a Hollywood liberal conspiracy keeping 'Red Dawn' from release?

Reading over the last couple pages, I am struck by how many people are so naive about how the world works. (There are exceptions, which stand out like the sun in the sky, of course.) I mean, China bought an aircraft carrier? So what? You realize how many anti-missile cruisers they would need to realistically defend it? And the odds of it surviving a serious attack anyway, cruisers be damned?

The leftists say China and America are best buds? Who are these leftists, and where are they saying this? Certainly not in the Security Council, where China opposes anything the US wants that doesn't directly benefit China, even when they have no real interest in the topic at hand.

As for North Korea-I don't think they could nuke Japan without an invitation given their technological level. Neither country, NK or Chi, could invade-just as we couldn't invade them. It took the equivalent logistically of moving the entire city of Jacksonville Fla to stage the first Desert Storm-and that was to push an invader out of little ole Kuwait.

As for the world economy-none of the advanced nations have an interest in destroying any other one. The interlocking finances, as pointed out, would make such an idea ludicrous. I don't think any advanced nation today is 100% self-sufficient. We all need each other.
That said-this movie has lots of explosions and stuff. Should be fun.
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