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Re: DCAU appreciation

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And I wish they would bring back the DCAU, if for no other reason to tie up Dick Grayson's storyline.
Dick Grayson appeared in the Batman Beyond comic series when he became a suspect in the "Hush Beyond" arc. Part of the story included a flashback to the origins of Bruce and Dick's rift.

After sustaining serious gunshot wounds while fighting alongside Bruce, Bruce simply removed Dick's Nightwing costume to protect his ID, called an ambulance and went after the bad guys. He then never visited Dick in the hospital, merely sending Alfred with a note saying that he had a new uniform waiting for him in the cave.

Dick never forgave Bruce and wants nothing to do with him. He is still friends with Barbara Gordon, and while he doesn't like the idea of a new Batman so much, he does respect Terry. We also find out that Dick is listed as Bruce's sole heir in his will.

The new Hush turned out to be...

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