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Re: How to ceate your own RPG

That's good advice - my next tidbit would be - if you do find a fleet you like, expand on your skills. Read a lot. Get ideas. Don't simply rehash things you've already seen or take things from whole cloth from other media. You can be inspired by it, but don't rip it off. Just because you got back from seeing Dark Knight Rises, that a distopia story is awesome and create a Batman like character.

Secondly, there's nothing wrong with being in or even having a small RPG group. My own group - Starbase Byron is really only myself and a small handful of other players that come and go. It happens. If you get crushed too soon because some 'key' players leave, then you're not ready to run your own group. If you can weather the storm with only like two or three people besides yourself, you're golden. And good times will come again. Its just the nature of Trek sims, people come and go as their interests change, or personalities conflict.

So really, I would say - start with joining an already formed RP group (at least one that's more than a few months old - but not one that's decades old) and get to know people. Learn how to write. Learn how stories get put together. Then when you are ready and you've established a rep - then... you can go ahead and form your own group and recruit.
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