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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread


The Starbase Byron/Terra Alpha sim is set in the Star Trek universe (But a slightly altered one) in the year 2417. The old United Federation of Planets is no more - replaced by a far more corrupt, evil and almost... mirror... counterpart, the Terran Imperium, about a year prior to where we are now in game play. The newly terraformed planet, dubbed Terra Alpha is the center of a new fledgling alliance, called the Terra Alpha Alliance. With Romulans, Cardassians, Trill, Orions and others as part of this new alliance, they fight the good fight against the evils and fascism of the Terran Imperium.

We currently have a few ways you can play with us - you can take on a small ship of your own and be one of our CO's, you could take a departmental position within Starbase Byron. You could take a governmental position within the Terra Alphan government. Or you could be a civilian and run a bar, be a smuggler, a biker gang member, a scientist or engineer.

Our roots are in an older sim, the USS Mata Hari - a Section 31 sim, but we also have roots in the now defunct Python Fleet sim. We're a little wild, wooly and wackly, but we try to breed creativity and quality over quantity.

Currently we are in need of experienced simmers who've played in the following departments

Security - Medical - Engineering - Marines

We have no real limit on the number of characters you can play - as long as they make sense! No Vampires, Werewolves or "magical" characters. But we do not mind characters based on other species from other sci-fi franchises, as long as they fit into the Star Trek universe.

If you're interested in joining us - come on down to our forum

Starbase Byron - Terra Alpha System

Just tell them President Nick Ryder sent ya!

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