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Perhaps. But the original assertion that there was a general sense of disappointment regarding the last movie doesn't seem to be borne out by the general audience.

It's fair to say you were disappointed, but don't speak for the rest of us.

And what's wrong with populism? Isn't pop culture supposed to be, well, popular?

Star Trek was never supposed to be some exclusive club.
Wait...What? Trek has become Pop Culture? That's it, I'm outta here, I'm gonna stick with B5 and Farscape which have the decency to still be niche
Haha! As an avid DS9 fan, most other DS9ers are surprised I've never watched it beyond a couple episodes here and there back when it was airing. Wonder if Netflix has it.
B5 and Farscape are both excellent Series. Some folks have difficulty enjoying alot of the S1 episodes of both Series (I personally do enjoy most of S1 of both Series, and it's much easier to appreciate B5 S1 on a rewatch, as you can see all the set up of everything once you are familiar with the entire arc), but, unless they just don't like the Series, most are very happy most of the time from S2 on, for both Series.

Greg, OK, if it's always been Pop Culture, I can make an exception {PHEW, Thank Goodness, I couldn't have survived a Trek Boycott}
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