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^My mom has a special cat counter. Unfortunately, the dog seems to have recruited one of the cats, because my mom caught her using her paw to knock food onto the floor so that the dog could eat it!
Cats are very clever creatures. Very emotional too. And of course, relentlessly curious. Perhaps the cat noticed the dog's attention to the food and is feeding the dog out of sympathy, or is simply curious to see the dog eat it. I've seen cats play with things in ways that suggest avid interest to discover an object's characteristics. Ever see one play with a turbo track? I mean... it's amazing what some will do with it. Check out Maru and his thing for boxes (endless YouTube videos); hilarious to see what lengths the cat will go to.

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Still, it's been a couple of days now, and touch wood, it's still going strong. It's an old Sony WEGA that weighs an absolute ton and at just 36" is considered a small screen size these days... but the picture is just beautiful (when it doesn't flicker, that is). I suspect that this transient little break from flicker means it's going to really bug me if/when it returns...
SONY makes great TV's and I know that very model you're talking about. My sister had to leave hers behind in her last move because the thing was just way too heavy and inconvenient to take along.

I do appreciate what you say about keeping something until it breaks beyond repair. But with technology, there comes a point where something so much better is affordable and brings a whole new level of enjoyment. But yeah, if what you've got is good enough for the job, it makes sense to keep going with it. Like you I keep my cars for a very long time, the last one was about 12 years old.

TIL... that raspberries last a whole lot longer in the refrigerator as long as they get some air flow. Closing them off in a plastic bag hold mold/fungus form very fast. So, leave them in just the hard plastic container with all the holes.
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