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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

The War Prayer (Babylon 5) - This episode was about an anti-alien human group attacking aliens on Babylon 5. They attack a friend of one of the ambassadors, and the command crew have to find out who is behind the attacks. I liked this episode. It was kind of predictable (I guessed that the 1st officer's friend was involved with the group as soon as he was introduced) but that didn't make it bad. I liked the part with Londo realising that he was wrong about the two teens who didn't want arranged marriages (I also like him describing his wifes ). I thought the alien ambassador in the suit was an energy alien (since you see him glowing behind the screen when he was first shown) and he might still be, but I'm interested to see what isd up with him, which I assume they will get too (even if its not this season).
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