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TIL that my TV has the power to heal itself.

It's a pretty old CRT (10 years-ish) which had developed a persistent flicker that usually appears after it's on for a few minutes. Today, I turn it on and not a trace of flicker, despite it now being on for a couple of hours.

It's magic, I tells you!
While it's possible that some kind of internal aberration managed to correct itself, it's also possible that the malfunction is due to something eroding and at this point it momentarily "self corrected". But, it may crop up again before too long.
Yeah, I'm sure you're right.

Still, it's been a couple of days now, and touch wood, it's still going strong. It's an old Sony WEGA that weighs an absolute ton and at just 36" is considered a small screen size these days... but the picture is just beautiful (when it doesn't flicker, that is). I suspect that this transient little break from flicker means it's going to really bug me if/when it returns...

I might upgrade if it does. It's not really that I'm on a specific budget; more that I inherited my parents' aversion to spending money on things like this until they truly & completely break. Mind you, when they did, we usually got something near the top of the line to replace it, in the hope it wouldn't need buying again for another decade or so. It's a strategy that works surprisingly often.

This is also why I've been driving the same car for over 8 years, and have lived in the same place even longer. The car is still really cool and I love my place... but I could have changed both several times in the interim. I do the same for computers; I only got a new laptop after that last one (about 6 yrs old) got stuck in an irretrievable boot loop. The money saved through through all this stinginess gets invested instead, which I tend to feel is a much more productive use for it as it generates passive income, thus effectively buying me time, which is much more valuable than commodities.

Well, that, and I buy clothes.
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