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I always wondered why the artwork takes a nosedive the with arrival of Superman: TAS/Gotham Knights/New Superman Batman Adventures.

Its really noticeable when you look at the revamped Joker, Ivy and Catwoman. Did the earlier artwork take to long to animate?
If I remember correctly, Timm et al found the original artwork from B:TAS to be too time consuming and too complicated to continue so they simplified the designs. However with TNBA/S:TAS Timm felt that the designs for the Joker and a few others were too simplified so he restored them with BB, ROTJ, and JL/U.

Notice how the B:TAS designs were more rounded and organic. These were hard to animate.

And then with TNBA/S:TAS they became more straight and easier to animate.

Then later with BB and JL/U they found a compromise and returned the Joker to his near-original design.

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