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Re: Phase II "Going Boldly" (new vignette)

One of the reasons why the "Sisters of Plenitude" were "nuns", the habits allowed the production to limit the make-up appliances to just the face. To do a "Hame" styled make-up to an actress dressed as M'Ress depicted in the animated series would be a major, MAJOR undertaking. The throat and collarbone region would need appliances, the hands, and the legs almost to the groin.

That's when one needs to consider alternatives. For the throat issue, restyle the "mane" a bit. In the cartoon, all of it feel behind the shoulders. Instead, have "locks" of the wig fall in front of the shoulders, hiding the throat. Yeah, we usually associate that arrangement as befitting a male leonid, but it's a compromise of practicality.

For the legs, either stage the shots to obscure them (which would also bypass the problems of depicting digitigrade feet), or go with some sort of pants. Or, put her in one of those general duty jumpsuits occasionally depicted in the earlier episodes of the first season. Pants or a full jumpsuit makes sense "in story" as well. It would reduce the amount of shed fur getting all over the equipment. One might even use that rationale to cover the hands with gloves.

Of course, I realize I'm way overthinking this for what would be, at most, a quick "throw-away" shot of M'Ress in the background.



P.S. Here's some variations upon M'Ress I puttered together using low end figure staging render tools. Standard uniform Utility jumpsuit Leggings with "spats"
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